Scoring Big with New and Improved eCommerce Site.






Overview and Goals

After running their website on Magento for many years, HockeyShot looked to replatform to a solution that would support their long-term business growth. They set out to find a solution to meet the following objectives:

Updated Technology

Previous technologies were out of date, so a new platform was needed to help lower operating costs while increasing conversions

Unique Selling Model

Pricing for and distribution to three different global geographies necessitated custom solutions for fulfillment

Increase Efficiencies

Navigate their overall global online and offline commerce workflows and create better customer service experiences

HockeyShot had run their eCommerce site on Magento for many years. Knowing that version 1 was sunsetting in mid-2020, the HockeyShot team decided to move towards Magento 2, believing that an “upgrade” would improve their site performance. Unfortunately, just two weeks after the launch of their new Magento 2 store, they had to roll back to Magento 1. The switch proved disastrous, causing numerous performance and stability issues, leading to a huge drop in online sales – which account for the majority of HockeyShot’s business transactions. Without a change, and fast, HockeyShot was losing out on business both online and off due to an inefficient platform and an inferior customer experience.
After concluding that Magento was no longer a viable solution for their business, the HockeyShot team chose to work with Shopify Plus and BlueBolt, having been impressed with the agency’s breadth of expertise around UX Design, and their history of successful complex, global implementations on Shopify. Through strong Design, SEO, and Strategy, BlueBolt has enabled the HockeyShot team to plan and execute strategies for long-term success. With experience in digital solutions for global expansion and operational improvements, BlueBolt has been there to help the client navigate their overall global online and offline commerce workflows.


Even though the project faced delays due to the global pandemic, HockeyShot was able to launch new sites in three different geographic regions – US, CA, and EU – in just five months. Each region is supported by its own local distribution center, which involves complexities around international sales and distribution rules that BlueBolt was able to address through the right customizations. 

With Shopify Plus and BlueBolt, HockeyShot no longer has to worry about server and performance issues, constant patching and bug fixes, or ballooning service costs to keep their site up and running. Because of the true SaaS nature of Shopify, the HockeyShot team can now focus on seamlessly creating better customer experiences to market and sell their outstanding products.

Services Provided
  • Taxonomy
  • User Experience & Functional Design
  • Creative Design
  • Custom Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Post-Launch Technical Support
  • Insights & Continual Optimization
  • Marketing Assessment
  • SEO


MSI – Constructing a Modern B2B eCommerce Solution

HockeyShot is the largest online specialty retailer of hockey training equipment worldwide. Their mission is to revolutionize hockey skills around the world by offering fun, innovative, and accessible tools. For more than 15 years, HockeyShot has led the industry, delivering the very best hockey training equipment in the world with an unparalleled customer experience.


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